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Martial Arts Fayetteville NC

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Martial Arts Fayetteville NC

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Martial Arts Fayetteville NC

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We lucked out that SGRO Karate was the first studio we contacted about lessons for our 3 boys. The prices are more than fair, there are no contracts, and the owners are very big on transparency. That’s all we knew in the beginning.

Now that we’ve been there 6 months, it’s so much more. Master Sgro is a wonderful teacher and mentor. The kids respect him and work hard when they are there. Louise and Vince are so helpful and patient with the newer students, as is Melanie.

They also have seasonal parties that we as a family LOVE. The kids have a blast, the adults get to socialize and enjoy watching the kids being kids. They always leave exhausted and happy.

This is not a school where belts will just be handed out; these kids work for it, and he never asks them to do something he knows they aren’t ready for. That goes both ways – he WILL ask them to do things he knows they ARE ready for, even if the kids don’t believe in themselves that much, yet. It’s been a great experience for our family. It absolutely feels like an extended family. We’re so grateful we found them.

Camille K.

I would recommend SGRO karate for all ages…My first day with my son I could tell automatically I was gonna enjoy learning something my son Aidan and I both could use and bond together. I also believe David the instructor is absolutely what I am looking for after everything my son has been through both can relate and Aidan will learn not about fighting but structure, discipline, and on command listening as well as patients.

Katye N.

My son has been attending SGRO KARATE for a year and a half now and I am so impressed with the path that he is on in his training. My son started with no experience and ended up competing in tournaments with a couple wins under his belt and will be in the upcoming events. The more he has competed the more his confidence has grown. Grandmaster Sgro will teach, mentor, and coach students of all ages in martial arts with the highest knowledge and professionalism.So, if you’re looking for an awesome experience. SGRO KARATE is it. Thank you Grandmaster Sgro!

Tyrone F.

David Srgo is the most knowledgeable martial artist I have met. He runs an excellent school and his instruction is top notch. My family (including my wife and teen age daughter) all enjoy his classes and are pleased to have found Srgo Karate.

Chris R.

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